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Sometimes any sphere of economic and industrial activities may require the construction of additional facilities and utilities necessary for the operation. Still, it would be impossible to do without a plot of land suitable for this exact purpose. More details about the categories of Russian land may be found in the article “Plots of Land in Russia”. So, it is the ability to use the industrial land as a tool for creation, management and development of business that constitutes the investment attractiveness of land in Russia.

Current globalization processes promote the more common registration of the companies, the further functioning of which involves foreign investments. Trying to carry out the whole procedure by themselves, some registrars and applicants consider that a foreigner’s participation in the registration of the LLC (in Russian abbreviation - OOO) is a complex and time-consuming process. In fact, being characterized by a couple of specific features, the registration process of a legal entity in Russia with a foreign founder as well as making a foreign citizen the company’s partner differs just a little from the carrying out of the same procedure for the Russian residents.

Any foreign company choosing for its commercial activity in Russia a way that implies the opening of its branch or representative office shall be liable for obligations to the extent of its property. Such a responsibility is automatically assigned to it after the registration of a legal entity in Russia. Regardless of the form of a foreign company’s functioning in the Russian territory, it is compulsory for it to obtain accreditation, which defines the duration of the period when a company can realize its activity.

Nowadays, the process of recruitment in Russia may be definitely called one of the most important challenges the leaders of modern companies ever face. Choosing the qualified and experienced staff is not an easy task because of the fact that the majority of them are already hired. However, this may be even more difficult to find people willing to become a trainee with a scanty salary and quite a vague prospect of promotion. It’s a particularly acute issue for the new companies, which just start their business in Russia.

An entry permit – or a visa – is required for a Chinese citizen to visit the Russian Federation. However, there are exceptions: a visa-free regime for up to 2 weeks established in the administrative region of Hong Kong; and a visa-free regime for up to 1 month in the Macao Special Administrative Region.