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An entry permit – or a visa – is required for a Chinese citizen to visit the Russian Federation. However, there are exceptions: a visa-free regime for up to 2 weeks established in the administrative region of Hong Kong; and a visa-free regime for up to 1 month in the Macao Special Administrative Region.

To obtain a visa authorizing an entry to Russia, a citizen of China needs to visit the Russian Consulate. Moreover, you must also have an invitation to Russia to get permission. Such an invitation is issued by the authorized government institution of the Russian Federation at the written request of an individual or a legal entity.

A visa to Russia may be of several types:

  • a single-entry visa – for visiting the Russian Federation only once;
  • a double-entry visa – for one or two country visits;
  • a multiple-entry visa – for getting an opportunity for an unlimited number of visits to Russia

According to the terms of a multiple-entry visa, the total period of a non-resident’s staying on the territory of the Russian Federation should not be longer than 90 days per six months.

For business purposes, the two options are preferable – a business visa or a work visa.

Business Visa: Entering Russia for Business Activity

A citizen who is going to visit the Russian Federation in order to meet with partners for various documents signing and resolving issues, which are connected with business activity, but not related to obtaining any type of income, will get a business visa valid for 1 year.

The maximum registration terms for a business invitation to Russia differ:

  • 16 days for one or two visits;
  • 21 days for an unlimited number of visits.

The inviting party may get a refusal if the invited person has violated the rules of residence in Russia for foreign citizens during his previous visits.

A Russian visa is granted after a Chinese citizen’s applying to the embassy or consulate of the Russian Federation with an invitation attached. The procedure of obtaining the entry permit presupposes the consular fee payment and the filling in a form.

Getting a business visa is a prerequisite for those foreign companies which are going to start a business in Russia. Our specialists will provide you with a professional assistance in the opening of a foreign company or a representative office (a branch) in the Russian territory. Their competent support will help avoid the common mistakes and facilitate the entire procedure: from obtaining a visa to Russia to assisting in the registration of a company in Russia. The latter, by the way, is identical to starting a business by a citizen of the Russian Federation.

How to Get a Work Visa in Russia

Going to visit Russia for an employment purpose, a Chinese citizen has to obtain a work visa for the period of an employment agreement, but its term can’t exceed a 1-year limit.

A multiple-entry visa is issued in the following cases:

  • if a highly qualified specialist is going to enter the Russian territory for his further employment;
  • if a citizen of another country is directed for working in the branches and representative offices of foreign enterprises.

Such a visa is valid for the entire period of the employment agreement, but not more than three years after the first entry of a non-resident in the Russian territory. Furthermore, the visa may be extended even further at the employer’s initiative.

Any family member of a highly qualified specialist who is not a resident of the Russian Federation can get a multi-entry visa for the period corresponding to a specialist’s visa term. Visas issued to the family members may be also extended in the future as long as an employer extends the validity period of a specialist’s visa.

A multiple-entry visa is rather handy in use, because it provides an opportunity to leave the country at any time and as many times as needed.

To get an invitation for entry (also known as a visa support letter) needed to obtain a Russian visa, a Chinese citizen has to provide an employer with the following set of documents:

  • a copy of the passport with its certified translation;
  • a copy of a document evidencing the qualification level (a diploma), translated and notarized;
  • 2 photos sized 35mm x 45mm (1.37in x 1.77in);
  • an application.

On his turn, an employer should also get the certain documents:

  • the quota for foreign labor hiring;
  • the permission for use of foreign labor;
  • the permission for hiring a particular non-resident employee;
  • the invitation for an employee’s entry.

An employer should send all the required documents to an employee.

Тhe invitation for entry is valid for 90 days only. During this time, a citizen of another country should enter the Russian Federation and register with the Migration Service by the current place of residence. Thereafter, the inviting company should extend the visa term in accordance with the duration of the employment agreement. It is not necessary for a non-resident to leave Russia to extend a work visa.

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