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Nowadays, the process of recruitment in Russia may be definitely called one of the most important challenges the leaders of modern companies ever face. Choosing the qualified and experienced staff is not an easy task because of the fact that the majority of them are already hired. However, this may be even more difficult to find people willing to become a trainee with a scanty salary and quite a vague prospect of promotion. It’s a particularly acute issue for the new companies, which just start their business in Russia. More information on the issue is to be found in the article “Doing Business in Russia: Not Easy, but Profitable”.

Importance of the Competent Recruitment in Russia

A company engaged in the production, trading, or any other activities will definitely thrive and grow with the competent and qualified personnel due to the following reasons:

  • possessing the necessary knowledge and skills, employees are much more productive in performing of their duties and serving clients. Consequently, a company’s prestige increases;
  • the competent staff can teach newcomers, helping them adapt and get involved in the work in a new place. As a result, the team becomes a more cohesive unit of the like-minded people.

Having qualified employees in all the departments, one can promote the most qualified one to the leading position if any personnel reshuffle needed. This allows not to hire new people to the major positions, but to involve a beginner to a less important vacant job.

Russian Specialists’ Hopes and Expectations

The Russian Federation has a huge number of qualified and talented specialists working in various fields of economy, trade, and industry. However, the vast majority of them have already been working, and they don’t have any intentions to change their job. Even assuming that a factory engineer will be offered a high-paying position, the most likely he won’t dare to leave the occupied position.

Quite obviously, he will have doubts about a new and unknown company as well as about its further development. What’s more, he can’t be sure that he will face the better conditions as compared to his old job; neither can he know about the relationship development in a new team.

Problems of the Human Resources Departments

Staff recruitment in the Russian Federation is a quite challenging task. The problem is not always about the low-qualified HR staff. The point is that even the most experienced HR officer doesn’t know all the work nuances of each department. The following situation is rather common: an IT-department employee is required, and its senior manager sends a request to the HR department with the candidate requirements specified. Moreover, let’s imagine that such words as “a server”, “a backup”, or “a cluster” are nothing more than empty sounds to the HR officer. The further evens are likely to unfold as follows: a specialist comes to the HR department and enumerates his skills, but says something like “a reserve copying” instead of the code word “backup”. This may be regarded by the HR officer as a lack of required knowledge, and that’s it.

Recruitment Agencies and Their Assistance in Staff Recruitment in Russia

Recruitment agencies provide a huge assistance in the employee recruitment in Russia. Such an organization can afford to hire a qualified expert to work with candidates within the particular sphere; so, a programmer will communicate with a programmer, a seller – with a seller, etc. Knowing all the nuances from his personal experience, such a specialist will be able to find the perfect candidate for a vacant position rather quickly.

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