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Sometimes any sphere of economic and industrial activities may require the construction of additional facilities and utilities necessary for the operation. Still, it would be impossible to do without a plot of land suitable for this exact purpose. More details about the categories of Russian land may be found in the article “Plots of Land in Russia”. So, it is the ability to use the industrial land as a tool for creation, management and development of business that constitutes the investment attractiveness of land in Russia.

Land plots held for warehouses and industrial facilities construction belong to a special category, the use of which has a number of specific details and nuances. The price of industrial land is significantly affected by the fact, whether the plot of land has a number of specific characteristics and attributes.

The following factors are taken into consideration in the Russian Federation to determine the price of the territory intended for industrial construction:

  • location of a land plot – its remoteness from the surrounding settlements;
  • transport network – convenient location of highways and traffic interchanges, comfortable access to the territory;
  • availability of utilities – their position relative to the planned facility, their characteristics, (first of all, their capacity), and the ability to connect to them with all the necessary permissions;
  • category of use of a land plot;
  • existence of any encumbrances or restrictions;
  • need for demolition of the already existing buildings – the absence of such constructions increases the price of land; on the other hand, if these constructions may be used further, the price of land will also be increased;
  • landscape quality and state – the hills, dilapidated buildings and structures, foundation pits, and other drawbacks lower the total price, while the flat land plot of the same area and the same location but without any constructions on it may be much more expensive.

Industrial Real Estate Market in Russia and Its Features

Planning to use land in the Russian Federation for the production facilities construction, the majority of businessmen prefer to buy a plot of land. On the one hand, this is due to the reluctance of depending on the landowner (the lessor), and on the other – due to the desire to be able to use this land as a pledge. The most attractive for such purposes are the small fenced areas with buildings in good condition and functioning utilities.

Buying land for the warehouses or production facilities construction, it is significant to take into account a number of the following nuances:

  • category of a land plot – if it is used for agricultural purposes, you won’t be permitted to construct a garment factory on it;
  • availability of utilities and the ability to connect to them – quite often the process of technical documents registration is connected with various difficulties;
  • any problems or encumbrances, which may prevent the construction start.

Nowadays, the plots of industrial land with an area not exceeding 3 hectares are the most popular in Russia. The optimal land plot location is not further than 100 km from the major cities, e.g. St. Petersburg. One of the most striking examples is the industrial zone “Territory” located just 20 km far from the Northern capital of Russia.

How to Buy a Plot of Land in Russia

In fact, you will easily avoid time and money loses if you entrust the task of land selection and the implementation of a sale transaction to a qualified and experienced specialist in this sphere. Our company’s commercial real estate department fulfills its activity in the following directions:

  • sale of buildings;
  • sale of warehouse facilities;
  • sale of commercial real estate;
  • sale of land plots for industrial construction.

Our experts will provide you with a wide range of services for buying land in Russia. They will also assist you in finding of relevant variants via analyzing a large number of offers available on the Russian real estate market.