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Nowadays, the Russian economic situation is quite stable. Trying to fill in free market niches, Russian manufacturers have intensified their activity. The national goods number has been increasing as well as their general quality. Thus, production investment becomes all the more promising. However, the foreign manufacturer attraction remains an important issue for such a global country. According to many analytical agencies, business in Russia becomes even more attractive for foreign investors.

The Russian market is currently one of the most attractive in the world. It has about 140 million potential customers, and it has considerably grown over recent years. According to many experts, such tendencies retain even further, despite the existing downtrend in business and the economy in general. Entering the Russian market and doing business here is not a difficult task, provided that you have enough knowledge of the Russian legislation. In addition, there exist other issues that need to be considered by the foreign companies for the future business activity if they enter the Russian market on their own.

Warehouses are considered to be a relatively young segment of the real estate market, designed for commercial purposes. At the same time, one can confidently say that this segment is characterized by the greatest perspectives. Business development and trade increasing cause the demand growth for storage buildings. All the more, according to the law, a trading activity is strictly prohibited to be conducted without a warehouse. A demand for storage rooms is constantly growing, and the current market offer can not fully satisfy it yet. This situation makes a great contribution in the construction of storage buildings in the areas of an industrial purpose, especially if they are located within the city limits or nearby them.

Before buying offices, retail space, industrial facilities, or warehouses in Russia, one should get to know a number of peculiarities connected with this process. Making a sales contract, a buyer always strives to be ensured that a transaction will be closed in strict accordance with a current legislation. So, what do you need exactly to be aware of before thinking about the purchasing of a real estate for commercial purposes in Russia?

Plots of land in Russia with the settlements located on them are separated from all the other categories. Depending on the number of people living in their territory, Russian settlements are divided into two large groups – rural and urban. Settlement lands in their turn are also subdivided into several categories. This division is made in accordance with the Town Planning Code